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Seven days

Holy cow! It is only seven days ~ one week til I’m on the train on my way to Gothenburg again! My bag is already packed ~ almost, there is a few things I need to pack down. But really, seven days!? Omg. We have been apart for fifteen days. Wow. Already. It feels like months. But that’s in the past and now the future is showing me positivity! First this trip, than the trip back home but the best part is that he is going with me! Yay! Than our first Christmas, Christmas celebration with my other half, my soulmate Elin ♡ and her family. I’m not gonna go into details of why but that’s how our Christmas will be.

Sorry for putting pixels over his face but I respect him and he doesn’t want me to post photos in general of him but I want too so that’s why I’m covering his face.