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Dream a little 

What is up my ghosts? It’s soon 3am here in Sweden and like always.. I can’t sleep. I’ve so much going on in my head. Bleh.

Before I went to bed I was craving popcorn but not like butter flavoured popcorn {I think that’s gross} or so. No I was craving for BBQ spice popcorn. Yes I only eat popcorn that’s either salted already or BBQ. Let me tell you ghosts, OOHH IS LIKE HAVING A TASTE OF HEAVEN! atleast for me. Haha! So one cup of Coca Cola Zero, popcorn and I was good to go.. but now I’m hungry again. I was hungry when I was craving and popcorn actually made me not hungry but .. now I feel like I could eat the walls. But I will try not to eat something now. I really need to start taking better care of myself. So I’ll try not to eat late {lol, have I’ve been doing all my life}, healthier {more than iam}, and so much more. Wish me luck!.

A short post but hey, it’s better than nothing right? I apologize for not blogging so much like I use to ~ the reason is that iam all stressed out with everything ~> Being Cinderella, pack down my apartment, pack my bags, solve personal and big problems and more. The last one is massive and it takes most of the energy out of me. I will not promise but I will try to blog more. I am so sorry my ghosts and I hope you all can understand what am going through right now.