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Hurricane in my brain and unpleasant visitor

So many thoughts. So many things in my head. So many problems that need solutions.  So many questions that needs answers. So many feelings on the same time makes it feel like an hurricane is passing by. 

Ghosts, it’s freaking 5.37am here in Sweden and I still haven’t got any sleep yet. Why? I was dead hungry, my hips is killing me with massive pains. I don’t know why. Nothing works. No pills, not heat on them. I was so hungry so I had to warm up some choritzo stew that I’ve made. They say that spices becomes stronger when it has been frozen.. well yes! Omg! It burns and it feels like, if I burp now, fire will come out! Like a freaking dragon! Haha! Wow! Milk?? Well I haven’t been drinken milk since like….. a year or something.  So I don’t have that at home. Ah well.

My status on Facebook I posted. I don’t know why I post things on Facebook really. I normally post some boring stuff or when iam mad. I don’t know why, but being mad and write your anger out on Facebook feels so good because you know that no one in your family can ever find out what you think or feel. Sounds weird? Well my beloved ghosts, welcome to my haunted world.
Back to food

I covered a word I wrote in red but I think you all can figure out what it says. That’s how I felt when I was hungry. Like oh my God people! I wanted to start eating on something but I didn’t know what and then I remembered I had the stew in the refrigerator! HOLY GOD IT WAS SO GOOD… the first two bites.. then the fire came. Haha but still I ate a bit.

I’m gonna try and get some sleep.  Hopefully I will be able to fall asleep now when I’m not hungry anymore. Better hurry up to fall asleep before the hunger strikes again! GOODNIGHT GHOSTS! wait.. goodmorning for some of you.