2016 | Mad and Angry

Blinds are closed and the door is forever locked 

Okey guys! I’ve seen this Clown Academy or what to call it circle around on the internet and apparently they are here around my village where I live. I’m dead scared! I really hate clowns and I know if I see one, I know I’ll drop down and die. Like I can’t see clowns on photos without crying. I told my man about this and he said he would beat them for me ♡ true love! But I told him that at nights / when its dark outside, he isn’t allowed to go outside just because of these scary stuff {I wanted to write a curse word here but I decided not too}. I don’t understand why people is doing this and after I found out about this and told Elin and M, I started to Google about it and apparently there is over 100 cases reported to the police on just two months. There was two articles that the newspapers has posted that made me so mad! The clowns aren’t just out at the nights, they are also out during daytime and I read {and send the link to M&E} that there has been a clown two days ago standing outside a school for kids in grades 1-6 and terrifying the kids ~ now that’s not OK! ~ and I also read that some {I don’t remember how many there were now} idiots attacked an elderly woman with help thingy ~ not a wheelchair but those things you hold onto so you can walk.  I mean, really? Kids and elderly people? Now that is not OK! It made me so mad reading this and I was texting with elin and we were talking about this and I made a decision to get some stuff to have in my handbag. I don’t know what yet but really, you need these things to protect yourself. I’m totally honest here now but if I see a clown, I’ll be so scared that I won’t be able to hit and that stuff with my fists so I need something in my handbag. I know this makes me sound violence but in this case, I don’t care. I hate clowns. I’m scared of them and I know I will cry and get an panic attack if I see one. I won’t walk alone outside when its dark. I’ll make sure that i’ll always have my man with me. He says that he isn’t scared of either the dark or clowns. Good because iam both.

One thing I can not understand is, why is people doing this? I know some people has even stabbed people and given them death threats.  Like.. why!? Are some people really that sick? Well yeah apparently. It scared the shit out of me. I’m so glad that my man is moving with me! I feel a thousand procent safe when iam with him.

Okey so sorry now but I will stop write about this now. It makes me more scared. I know I know. I’m lame but hey, if you are scared of clowns, you know what am talking about.

Muwah my ghosts!