2016 | Beauty

Coconut oil is your new bestfriend ❤

It’s Sunday guys so that means ~ taking back spa night every Sunday! Yes I haven’t taken care of myself lately and now I was like “NOPE! SPA NIGHT DELUXE ALA SO-NEEDING-IT” So I caked my face with facial cleaner, face mask and now I’m sitting in the kitchen with a towel on my head and have this coconut oil hair mask.  Yes I use coconut oil. It’s fabulous bit horrible if you get it on your skin. Haha! That’s the only negative about  it! 

Since I started to use coconut oil in my hair, my hair has actually grown a bit so I really recommend you guys if you want your hair to grow a bit to use this. Now it smells bad  {my opinion} and it feels so ew to have it on your fingers and then put it in your hair but it works like a miracle. How I apply it; I always start at the end of the hair and work up to the scalp. I don’t know why but I always do that, even when I wash my hair. A tip about that do not use shampoo! I use shower gel and it’s much better than shampoo. Why? Shampoo dries your hair and scalp from the oils etc that you need. 

That’s my beauty tips for you, use coconut oil once – twice time a week and wash it out twice with shower gel. Don’t use shampoo!