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What can I do?

Problems Problems Problems. No guys, it’s no problems between me and M. Not at all! We are both happy like birds in the morning of a summer day. Yes. I wrote something weird now. I won’t go into details or so about the problems but I really hope that everything will work out. I’m scared ~ I’m not gonna lite. I’m really scared because this problem has caused us one step back in our relationship but hopefully we will be able to take five new steps forward soon.

I have to stop think that everything is a fairytale. Everything is wonderful but from times to times life will test us but I know, together we will overcome these obstacles. We have had an wonderful time so far and now we met out first obstacle. Hand in hand, side by side, I know we will go right through them. One step back will lead us five step forward. I’m not leaving your side sweetie. I’m not abandon you. You and me ♡ 

Like I said, I’m scared but I also know that we will get through this. Hopefully.

That’s why I haven’t blogged for a few days. I’ve been on the phone with him, Elin, everyone ~ trying to figure out how to overcome this obstacle. It is a hard one. A hard nut to Crack but I’m not giving up even though sometimes it feels like I do wanna give up. With a few deep breaths I will focus again. One hour at the time. But what can I do? I don’t know. I feel so helpless. I feel so horrible for not knowing anything about this. No matter what I ask myself what I could do and can do, I can’t give myself answers. Hopefully I will get the answers on my questions soon. I wish I knew everything.