2016 | Info list


Here we go with a new exciting post of my dreams. Last time I wrote one I think it was in May ~ I might remember wrong. But here we go with the list ♡ 

Become a translator for the embassies 

I actually been planning to move to Spain and study Spanish again. I’ve been studied it before for 5.5 years but to be honest, I only remember the basics. I wanna become a translator in Spanish and in two years, I wanna move to Dubai to study arabic to become a translator for arabic as well. Sounds weird? Well it’s me. So a translator in swedish, English, Spanish and Arabic.

I still want my father to come back

I can’t believe that it’s already +200days ago my beloved father became an angel. I miss him 😢❤

be free from smoking ~ work in progress. Hopefully til new year am free.

be able to one day understand and talk Punjabi

As you know, my man is from India and I think his language is called Punjabi and I really want to learn and understand and also be able to communicate with his family in the future. But, I guess he will have die the translation. 

lose more weight

I’ve actually lost 38kg since March 2016. But I’m far from my goal but I’m working hard to reach it! Only 37 more kilos. Wish me luck! Lol!