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I’m sad

Hey ghosts and pumpkins! How are you all? I have to write this out because I’m sad. Do you remember when I got engaged that I got a necklace from him on the same time? I absolutely love the necklace but I can not wear it. I’ve transparent nailpolish on it but I still can not wear it. Why? Because I’m allergic to it and it breaks my heart because I really love it. I had to take it off now but it’s hanging next to the engagement rings box so I atleast can look at it when I’m in bed. 

So to be honest, I’m really really sad now. I’m not crying or so but I’m really sad and I know that he will be sad too because last time I had to take it off, I told him and showed him my neck and it made him sad and now it’s even worse on my neck. But I will get a new chain with real gold in and wear the heart like that instead. I feel naked without the necklace! Haha! It’s true! 

Goodmorning to you all by the way!