2016 | ••HAPPINESS•• · 2016 | Miss Santorini {Photos}

Not enough stars

There is not enough stars in the universe that can show my happiness. 

M is sleeping so I can write this a little fast. I can’t believe that he is here! I mean, he is actually here! With me, next to me! It’s like a dream. Lol! I have to pinch myself from times to times to really understand that this isn’t a dream. 

1pm the train came and I met him with a brown teddy bear. I wasn’t sure if I should get the teddy or a big dog bit I decided to take the teddy because I’ve promised him it. I will take photos of it later and show you. Best memory of today is when we sat by the sea and looked on the boats and when we stood outside in the dark, looking at the stars. Yes iam this type of girl apparently. I had no idea Haha! But it was a special moment that I really cherish and appreciate. 

Tomorrow we are going to the town/city and just be together. I don’t know what we will do but I just enjoy being with him ~ trying to be calm, not stressing etc {yes I’m actually trying! It’s hard to calm down}. All I know is that I’ve to buy new charger. Lol! Typical me! 

I’m sorry that the post is so small but my head is killing me, M is having a Symphony Orchestra Concert and my eyes hurts. SHIT! I forgot to remove the makeup and I can’t get up now because he is sleeping and wakes up easily! Barely any sleep on 3 days ~ I understand M ~ he is really tired. So I guess I’ll sleep with makeup on tonight. Yay.. my skin is gonna love me!.. not   

Goodnight! Muwah!


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