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At least it’s healthy 

So the clock is past 4am here in Sweden and iam still awake. Yes! Reason? It’s Sunday and M is here on Monday and I have so much to do left! I’m not gonna lie, iam tired and hungry. I have barely been eating for the past days and now when I was about to start clean again after a short break, I had this pressure in my head so I said to myself “No! Eat first!” And really, food makes me sick so I decided to make popcorn. Yes you read it right! I’m eating popcorn instead of something foodable or what to call it. It doesn’t make any big difference but at least something.  So while eating this with BBQ spice, I’m listening to music and trying to rearrange my makeup. I’ve removed the makeup out of the drawer and have it now in a cute basket or what to call it ~ in my bathroom for now. 

I need a bigger space for my makeup though.. I actually have a little but people say that it’s alot but it isn’t. But hey, I’m a girl! We women love our makeup! Am I right? 

Countdown; 29 hours ♡


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