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Complains ~ Sorry

​Cleaning, laundry, more cleaning, more laundry ~ it feels like it’s becoming my life now but hey, no more dustbunnies and my family’s things is soon in boxes. Yes, guys can you believe it? I’m still packing down my family’s things they have dumped in my apartment. It’s annoying. It’s Sunday now, on Monday he will be here and I’m dead nervous. Why? Because off all the boxes ofc. Ohmygod. He knows how I live like but still, I just wanna break down and cry. First time he is here and will see my place like a storage room.  I’ve also told my family to come and get their shit out from my apartment now when he is coming but no 😑 so I’m stuck with their stuff! UGH!

It really makes me sad and pissed off that my family don’t show me respect ~ treats my place like a dumpster/storage room. Tries to controll me, dislike my choices etc.

OK I won’t complain more. I’ve alot more to write about but no. I will write happy stuff instead! Muwah


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