2016 | Photos


Last night when I was going home from my mother, I looked up at the sky and saw aurora. It was not cold outside so I don’t understand why it was showing us it’s beauty! I texted my man because I don’t know if he has ever seen it with his own eyes. So I wrote to him even though I knew he was going to sleep to wake up early to go to work “get up, go out to a dark location and look up on the sky to the north“. I don’t know if he went out or not but I hope he did. He is coming to me next week so I hope that there will be aurora showing us so I can show him and share the moment with him. I know, I know, I’m this “loveydovey” bitch but I can’t help it. Haha!

Anyway, if you all know me a little bit, you know I would grab my camera and go out and take photos and I did! Boom! As usual. Typical me. It doesn’t matter if the time would be 3am, I would still run out just to take photos. Haha!

 Had to take a photo with my phone to be able to show you guys! 


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