2016 | •••♡•••

Love at first sight

I’ve put mosaic over his face because of respect.

15 days ago you and I became one

9 days left until you are here with me

30 days left until iam with you again.

Fifteen days of non stop smiling, of non stop laughing. I can’t believe that it is already two weeks of us now. Sweden ♡ India one planet, two countries, two smiles and two hearts. I’ve never felt like this before. Not for anyone. I don’t know what I’ve done to have you but I’m dead sure that I will do everything I can, with all the powers I have inside me to never lose you. You’re my sunlight, you are my moon, you are the stars in the galaxies, you are the rainbow that brights up anyone’s life. You’re the reason why I get up of the beds at morning. I’m happy and with him, I know I will forever be happy. 

You will see me cry, you will see me mad, you will see me laugh and you will see me smile. You make me smile, you make me laugh, you make me happy and you have already seen me cry twice. 

One thing that hurts me so much about all this, is the fact that you’ll never get the chance to meet my dad. I wish you could meet him Baby. Because you two are the love of my life. My two out of five men in my life. It’s you, my dad, my brother and my two nephews. 

It makes me sad that you will never get the opportunity to meet my dad. It makes me sad that you will never be able to shake his hand, to introduce yourself to him. To let my dad see how happy iam with you. To see how much you’ve changed my life. It makes me sad that my dad is an angel in the sky and you are an angel here on earth. It makes me sad to think of my daddy sometimes, it makes me sad to say his name. But most part, it makes me sad to not be able to introduce you as my love to him..

Now sorry about that, back to a happy post! Okey so I’ve now two countdowns and one “countdown” on my phone and you all know why above. If you have read that. Lol! So this actually helps me to get motivation to get my ass up from the chair and start clean/pack down my apartment even more. So that’s what I’m gonna do now ~ soon ~ I have to go help my mother first and then I will be home and do the housewife works lol.


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