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Butterflies is out of controll

Tomorrow is the day, the day when I will be on the train for hours just to go to you!

The butterflies in my stomach is out of controll! I’m nervous, happy, excited, scared and everything. Why? I’m scared because it’s the second trip I’ve ever made on train and I have to change train in Stockholm. Nervous, because I’m scared of miss the train etc. Lol! I’m lame I know! But I’m happy and excited to finally be with him ~ even if it is just for few days. One week ago we became one and tomorrow we will be together again. 

I have always said to Elin that I will NEVER fall in love and still I did. I am in love, with a guy that is so loving, caring, perfect and drop dead gorgeous and it feels so good to say “he is my boyfriend” sure it is still weird to write and say it, it will take time but it doesn’t matter. I’m with him and no one else. 

Everyday, my smile gets bigger. Everyday, my heart is beating faster. Everyday, I say I love you. Everyday, I get to hear those words. I’m happy and I am in love.  Positive and really happy  ~ please I hope no one takes that away from me.


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