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Oh God! Do you guys remember when I wrote I’m packing down my apartment? Well iam and it looks like a nuclear bomb has exploded here! But now, oh shit! It’s better but I have panic! How will I be able to clean and throw shit out etc before next weekend!? Ohmygod.  I don’t know where to put everything! Wow!

I’ve a break now and trying to relax! I’m going around in my apartment like a tornado and it doesn’t make things better! Haha! I really hate the fact that my family don’t respect me and my apartment. Why? I maybe own 1/4 off everything that’s in my apartment! My “family” use my apartment as a storage because their storages is full and I have space. NO I DON’T! it’s embarrassing to have all their stuff here and now when he is coming to me? Oh my Lord. I wish I had a magic spell that would everything disappear! Someone knows anyone? I’m desperate. Haha! I will show you guys later how it looks like. It is so much shit in my apartment so I can’t take care of the plants I have! There is no room to walk on but hopefully it will be better. I’ve so many flowers/plants that is about to die any second now. And that’s because of my family! I don’t know how many times I’ve hurt myself to water them and it’s like I have to jump, crawl, down, up etc just to water the plants. Oh God why did I say yes to him to come!? I want too but wow..

Well have a smoke, glass of water and continue! Wish me luck! I’ll really need it!


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