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It’s back!

My beloved pink suitcase on wheels is back! And it’s ready for a third trip! Yes! I just my baby mingo  {flamingo ~ pink} back after been in Turkey for two weeks and now it’s already ready to go on an other trip but this time with me! Yes guys! I’m going away for a few nights and iam very excited and happy! A mini vacation from here to a Wonderland with laughter and excitement! At least for me it is. All this, is new for me. The real and true happiness, meeting new people {Elisabeth & Fredrik}, fall in love and oh. I can’t list everything. It’s new but I’m happy. I love this feeling! The emoji pillow {our pillow} was the first thing that I packed down in my bag but I decided to have it in my handbag instead. 

As you might know, I always have to make a list if I’m going somewhere or so and this time is no exception. All though I had to rewrite the list bit it’s all good.


Can you say that I a m       f r e a k i n g      excited?


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