2016 | Photos

Hi daddy

Hi daddy, I miss you so much! Ever since I met honey, the moon has been up on the sky every night. Before I didn’t see it for a long time but now I do. Is this a sign from dad? When I found out that my dad had passed away, the moon was up and shined bright. And today it was up and shined down on me. Every time I see the moon I always say “Hi daddy”. I don’t know why but I have always done that since he passed away. Every time I saw the moon, I smiled and said it. It’s so weird I know but it’s my thing in this process. 

I wonder {my thinking} if this is a sign from dad. Sounds crazy but that’s just me. I hope it is and that dad approves Honey. {I call him Honey to keep him out of the blog right now}


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