2016 | •••♡•••

Last time and compliments!

Hola my ghosts! Today is the last day of mother’s treatment ~ Hamdulillah  {I know!!!} I’m glad and hopefully it has become smaller. PrayforEmmasMom is a hashtag a group on Facebook has started for me and my mother which is really sweet off them. 

Four days left til my happiness! I’m so excited! I need this happiness in my life and right now. My happiness, my motivation, the light of my life. I’m so happy that I think I will pass out!  ❤

OH OH! little random jump in here! I just gave a Muslim woman a compliment! She works as a nurse on the hospital and she had a hijab on and I really like seeing women wear them. I like how they can choose their details and the look on them! I gave her a compliment because I love the fact that this hospital allows women to wear them! Sure they aren’t allowed to wear their personal hijab but the fact that the hospitals has managed to get those special for the women! Makes me so happy! I don’t know why but it really does! The compliment I said was that I think she looks gorgeous in it and that I’m happy for her. That they respect her and that she suits in it. She shined up like a sun! I feel good and I’m happy! I’m happy that I can make someone smile! Why spread hate when you can spread love?! I think it calls that. 


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