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My soulmate

We have been best friends since day one when I came up to you on the Spanish class and asked if I could sit next to you. I will and have never regret that. Not a second! It was one of my best decisions ever in my life. For ten years, I have witnessed your ups and downs. I have seen you happy, and I have seen you cry. I have seen you with your beautiful smile on your face. I have seen everything. People may think that you’re a bad influence on me but I don’t care ~ we are soul mates.  You are my partner, you are my criminal in crime when we pull pranks on people. You make my life better. Without you and your patience and ofcourse your love and kindness, I wouldn’t be writing this post. 

You encourage me to things that just comes up in my head. Like when I told you I wanted to learn arabic. You said “Go for it!”. You support me in what ever I want to do. You support me more than you know. Being best friend with you is a gift from heaven. You’re my angel. You’re my hero. You’re my soulmate. I love you Habibti and it will always be you and me. From Spanish class to the senior homes, to wheelchair races in the hallway and to heaven. We will be angels together and I know we will piss some angels off ~ that’s what I love about you. You always make me smile, you know what to do when I feel bad just as much as I know what to do when you feel bad.

You’re loving, you’re caring, you’re crazy, and you’re a bit of a retard some moments, but I love you ~ through storms and sunshine we will walk together, hand in hand. Through heaven and hell we will be standing next to each other. No matter what people say ~ iam so proud of you Elin. You have no idea. I’m so proud of you, I’m happy to have you in my life. I can honestly say that you have a very special place in my heart. Or on my ass cheek..it’s bigger than my heart but you know what I mean. 

Together forever will you and I walk on the roads to find our future and we will always be standing next to each other.

I can’t wait to share these special moments with you ~ engagment, celebrations, pick out the perfect wedding dress, to have you as my future children’s godmother. To have you as their aunt. I have so many things I want to involve you in. You will always be in my life ~ because face it… you know to damn much so you are stuck with me.  Mouhaha! ~ no I’m just kidding.  You know how iam.

When you have problems, I never doubt to help you as much as I can. I never turn my back on you. 

When it rains, I will hold the umbrella. When you are scared, I will be laughing at you . When you are hurt, you know I will break that one who hurt you. When you are happy, I’m happy. When you are crying, I will wipe your tears a way and try to get you in better mood. I will always have your back. Never think anything else.

I love you my alien 👽❤

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