2016 | Mad and Angry

Cold tea, makeup falling ~ AND IN PISSED OFF MOOD

Hey guys! What’s up? I’m on the way to the hospital as usual with my mom. And I fell asleep.. ofcourse! So my tea is cold. Ugh! Thank God that the cafeteria has hot water so I can drink new tea. The makeup falling part is actually something that makes me mad. I have sunglasses on now so I can run to the bathroom and fix it when we have arrived!

Anyway, I have to tell you guys and my blog something tragic well not really tragic but one thing that pisses me off so much!!! The cab driver we are going with eight now {I’m blogging while on the way down} is trash talking immigrants and arabs, Muslims ~ you name it. And it makes me so mad. Before I was yelling and cursing the hell put off people when I heard something racist but now I decided to put my headphones on and listen to an arabic song. I have no time for negativity right now. I must focus on getting better myself, be happy and work hard to leave Sweden and have my life back! And I can’t do that if I constantly are listening to negativity. So IN WITH POSITIVITY IN MY LIFE AND OUT WITH NEGATIVITY! Yes, I’m serious! I’m tired off hearing negativity and racism. I’m not racist so it pisses me off when people is trash talking Muslims, arabs and everyone ~ including the Quran. I mean.. really? Psshh.


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