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Monday ~ New week

Hey ghosts! What’s up!? I’m on my way home from the hospital with my mother. I’m so tired. I hate waking up so early but I have to. Ah well. 

I have to confess a thing : a while ago, me and my mom went to the hospital and it was a hot Arab who drove us and to be honest ~ I wouldn’t say no to kiss him one or two times. We were flirting like crazy with each other etc.  Three weeks after, we were going home and an other Arab drove us and he was from the same place as the guy who flirted with me, so I asked if he knew him. He brings his phone up and showed me pictures and asked who it was off them and I said it’s none of them and I told him what the f*ckboy told me and his address  and boom! He instantly knew who it was ~ he works with him ~ and this driver told me that he is married {the fckboy} and I can honestly say that I was sad when he told me so I became all quiet and the driver noticed that ~ and apologized. And now when we were waiting on the cab this guy worked. He entered the doors to the hospital and was starring at me. Didn’t leave the eyes off me except when I was looking at him. {I saw that he was starring} he instantly turned around and when I walked out {I walked out before my mom} I turned around to check on mama, he was starring at me AND MY ASS! like… excuse you but no. Keep walking bruh. You’re off the market and I’m not that type of person. 

So yeah there was my confession. I became sad because I fell for him you know and now it’s all good. I acted like nothing and so did he. Bye bruh! Have a nice life! And the weird thing is…he didn’t wear a ring. Pffh. 

I’m on the way home now so I will blog later OK? I have to work when I come home ~ it’s personal but let me say… I hope everything works ~ InshAllah! {Yes I wrote that!}

M u w a h my ghosts 😘👻


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