2016 | Miss Santorini {Photos}

Mad tired

Was bored in the cab on the way down to the hospital. I look mad tired on this picture. Well iam. Psshh. 

Hey ghosts, what is up except the sky? Well stars right now. It is 10.37pm and I’m tired af {curse word} . As you know, I’ve been at the hospital today with mama and ofc…I fell asleep in the cab so I was sleeping for an hour on the way home. When we arrived at our location at home, I was supposed to help mom but I felt that I needed to sleep to be able to focus so I went home and I slept for 2 or 3 hours. But I don’t think it will be any struggle to fall asleep one more time. Hopefully.  
Tomorrow is a new day, more long car rides, the usual breakfast {the sandwich} and pokemon hunting! Yes I’m still playing pokemon even tho I just turned 26 and I’m not ashamed of it! LOL! 

Me and a friend of mine Betz {the girl on the photos when I was in Linköping} are planning to go on a vacation. We don’t know yet but somewhere far from Sweden and I’m also trying to get my alien, my ufo to come along. Yes I mean Elin. Haha! I wanna go to Spain or Greece and Betz & Elin wanna go to London. Eh. But I have to look it in this way ~ I’m leaving Sweden for few nights.  I will keep you guys updated and ofc, I’m gonna take tons of photos when we leave. Hopefully soon ~ InshAllah  {still like saying and writing that! Don’t judge me

What else? I’m gonna try become this positive girl again with a fun and happy blog ~ hard work but I will do it! ~ and I will also start blogging more. Lately I’ve had no energy to blog. I’ve been packing down my apartment, helped mother, cleaning, laundry, go with mom to the treatments, and God doesn’t know all I’ve done. Psshhh! To be honest, I can not wait till all off this is over. The treatments and the helping mom. Six more weeks ~ hopefully it will be over then. 

So I’m gonna wrap this blog up and I will actually go to sleep. I was planning to go  sit and watch some youtube clips but my body is so exhausted. So off with the makeup and Goodnight.  Muwah ghosts! 


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