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Attacked the kitchen

Hey ghosts, I’m so sorry for not blogging today. I’ve been to the town for my appointment at the dentist and I had to buy packing tape. I ran out of it yesterday. When I came home I started to continue packing down my apartment but this time I attacked the kitchen! I’m pretty tired of being in the living room after two days so I decided to deep dive in the kitchen and packed down glasses and all that things I don’t use. On the photo to the right I packed down the “moving away from home” package I got from my dad many years ago. I want to save it because I got it from my dad ofcourse and there is no way to find them anywhere. I’ve looked everywhere and people have had their eyes open for me as well.

While going through the cabins I found a pile of photographs that my family has taken ~ some off all the photos. I sat down for a while and looked through them.. all off the sudden I found a black and white photo I’ve developed in the dark room with negatives ~ when I was in high school. It is a photo I took of my dad {my sister was in the pic too} when I was 10 {going to turn 11}. I teared up and felt so lonely. So lost. ~ after a while after been starring at the photo of my dad {left}, I decided to pack down everything that has with daddy to do. I’m sorry Dad. 

So that’s what I’ve been doing. Packing down my kitchen, had my nephew over for dinner and ended the night by watching 11 episodes of mako mermaids on Netflix. I love that show ♡ 

The clock is near 2am here in Sweden and I’m actually gonna go to sleep. My head.. wow. Still going strong. 
Goodnight and Muwah!


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