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Enough packing for today

Hey guys! What’s up? I’m so beat, so tired! Ugh! Since I came home from the town after meeting up with my alien I’ve been packing down my apartment in boxes. I have more to pack but hey, it’s getting less and less off things. I don’t know how much I have thrown away. How much can you really gather in your life time? Shit! I have thrown away stuff when we moved from the house and I thought I had thrown away a lot but apparently not.  Well now iam. I’m going all in now with the throwing away stuff, packing etc.  New chapter of my life is about to start soon but first I must end this chapter to be able to start on a new chapter and page. .

Well I’m too tired to blog to be honest, so I’m gonna jump into the shower and go to sleep. Dentist tomorrow fun…not. well de tistel and than home and continue to pack and throw away things. The living room is soon done.. so I’m gonna attack the kitchen! Wish me luck!! MUWAH! 


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