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I’m Cinderella..

Hey guys! What is up? The sky ofc! No sorry for that. Lame I know. Well Whats up? I’m in bed, ready to have an awesome date with my pillow and make the relationship between me and the bed stronger 💪❤ love at first sight you know! Lol! Just joking! My head is killing me, like.. I take one step and I’m almost about to cry. So I managed to get into bed and now iam afraid of moving or change position.  I’m crazy, I know!

The fabulous headline I’m Cinderella well to be honest I feel like her. My family doesn’t accept and respect that I have almost 40°C in fever and my head is killing me as you could read above. They are telling me to do this and to do that . Even with the high fever! Excuse me but no. I’m not leaving my apartment for at least a week now. Mama has to stay over at the hospital for a few days because she can’t eat and drink, so the doctors wants to keep an eye on her. Which means for me LONGER TIME TO SLEEP ~ more hours of beauty sleep which I need like..a dumpster off. Lol. Sleeping Beauty deluxe ~ at least 150years. Wow. It also means No long ass car rides for few days thank God.  I don’t know how much my ass could handle it anymore.  Lol! 

Anyway, I’m off to bed now. Well soon. Gonna remove the makeup first and then I can to sleep. Good night babes! Muwah!


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