2016 | Miss Santorini {Photos} · 2016 | video

Trying to hard

I found this clip on my phone. I like the lightning but I’m trying so hard to be pretty. Lol! Typical me.

The day after my birthday my lovely, absolutely lovely birthday is finally gone. Done. Adiós, tata, toodaloo ~ not gonna miss you! . Yes I hate my birthday. From now on, I will only age but it is not my birthday. It’s just a regular and  oral day as anyone. 

I’m not really gonna go in on details but let me say that celebrating my birthday or Christmas isn’t pretty. Screaming, yelling, get called stuff etc. 👌 thanks! 
Right now I’m in bed, with my fabulous headache and a massive pain in my eye – Yes you read it right.. in my freaking eye! I don’t know how and why but I can barely have it open 👌 thanks universe.  The kids are in the living room and is checking something on TV. I can’t be around people atm and worse part is ~ they don’t respect that my head hurts like hell. I’m gonna kick them out soon from my apartment. 

I  feel how heavy my eyes/eyelids is now and I’m gonna take a snap and hopefully my head will be a little bit better.



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