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Hey my lovely ghosts! I apologize for not blogging so much these two days. And I especially apologize for today. I have been in so much pain {still am} that I have literally been crying and I never cry about pain ~ except when I torn the ligament off in my foot twice. Aouwch! So I apologize so much for the bad update and hopefully it will be better tomorrow. Tomorrow is a new week which means, long ass car rides to Gävle hospital again for the next five days. Shit I can already feel my ass hurt. Haha! But hopefully a friend of mine is coming from a place called Rättvik to Gävle to meet up. We’ll see, hopefully. I had an doctors appointment tomorrow but I called and canceled it just so I can go with mom on this. I’ve been doing this..well…it’s the fifth week now and I’ve only missed once when I took the train to Linköping, which I miss. I miss my crazy little family 😘 We have not planned to meet up again because off all the work but hopefully we can get together again soon.


So I see you all tomorrow with new posts and hopefully I will be with my friend so it might be crazy upload with photos ~ you all know how iam. Photos for my blog and my Habibis&Habibtis is a must 😘 yes I call you ghosts and habibis & habibtis ~ arabic ❤ i hope you all get used to it because I like using those words!
Muwah! 💋


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