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Together I will be able to learn more

Together I will be able to learn more the headline, I don’t know why I decided to write that but I kinda like it. 
I’m on the way home now and thank God that the cafeteria has mugs and hot water because I forgot my tea at home *sigh* but I’m all good now. I had the tea bags with me 😂👌 but no hot water 😔 Haha! So I wrote in the other post that I was gonna write arabic in the car… well I tried and it ended up looking horrible. It pissed me off so much! Haha so when I came down to the hospital I went to the cafeteria and wrote there. It was so much fun and like I said, I got tons of looks when I wrote. So funny! 

My alone time 👌 breakfast, arabic and music {not only Alice Cooper} 

Stupid idiot to driver! He is speeding like crazy! If the police saw him, very pretty big fine (?) And the license would have been taken on spot. Freaking 165km/H on a 110km/H road! Excuse me, but what’s the rush bruh!? Excuse me now BUT CALM YOU BALLS DOWN! 

I don’t know how to feel, sure I like speed but I don’t trust anyone other than my brother and this actually makes me scared. / I have now complained about the speed and he will slow it down now.. hopefully! 


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