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Hours off sleep

Every day this app that came on my phone {S healthy} is register the sleep of mine and I have to rate it from 1 star to five. Normally I rate it with 1 star because my sleep SUCKS and I only sleep for 1H max 3H. It’s really good because I can track the sleep and it also pops up on the notifications so I don’t need to go to the app every day. Anyway, I’m really shocked when I saw the time today. I knew I slept for 12H but really I fell asleep before 7pm but it didn’t register earlier. Anyway, I could change it but I didn’t.  

According to the app, I slept for 13H and 30M. Shit. A miracle to be honest! Haha!
Right now I’m in the cafeteria and waiting on my mom also charging my phone 👌 as always! I think I need to leave it in for repair. I mean, the battery sucks ass! Lol. Like I wrote earlier on the info list / fun facts about me I have bad luck when it comes to technology 😂 like for real!it’s a miracle that my system camera is still work after all the droppings etc for almost 10 years. Haha! 

Time to write on arabic my ghosts, I will blog more in a while 😘 I need to have some alone time so on with the headphones, on with Alice Cooper and bye world for a while. Haha! 




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