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Arabian culture

Is very fascinating for me. I really like hearing about Allah, Islam, culture etc. And I really love details such as decor that is arabic and marocco inspired you know. 

Now when We’re on the way home, I saw the driver was holding and played with a bead thingy. I was quiet at first and was thinking to myself “Emma…be quiet now!” But as usual I didn’t listen to myself so I asked him and he happily told me that he use it as a toy but many elderly people use it when they pray to Allah and so. And I was like “tell me more!” And he actually let me hold these. I didn’t know that it was allowed for an non believer to touch them and so on but the driver let me. 

They are called Tasbih ~ he googled for me on his phone and showed me many different types of tasbihs. I said straight out that they are beautiful and he told us that he has more at home but they are worth a lot of money {bragging} and he continued to tell us about tasbihs and his country  {Iran} and the culture there. So I didn’t listen to music for a long time. I was listening to 3 songs before I asked him and to be honest, I’m glad I did! I love learning new things especially things that my eyes focus on {like this beads jewelry or what to say ~ This Tasbih}. I hope we ride with him again more times because it was very interesting to listen.

Ofcourse my mom told him that I’m learning Arabic.  Every time we are in a cab either on the way to the hospital or on the way home, is it an Arabian man driving ~ SHE ALWAYS TELL THEM! Like mom, please! 


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