2016 | Photos

Going home

Okey ghosts, the visiting of the hospital is going faster and faster for every time! Still we have to go on a massive rides and wait for hours for the cab to come. But ah well, I can hear how my bed is calling my name! Lol!
The photos to the left is my beloved tea thingy, they had tea at the shop we stopped at! YES! But it’s not peppermint 😔 boo! And to the right is my lovely breakfast! Oh God.  So good! Haha! 
Today I’m also starting my new healthy life which means, no more sugar cakes and cookies! I know it’s gonna be hard but I’M EMMA and I will whoop the sugar monster’s ass! Again! I’m gonna take controll over my life again.  Wish me luck tho! Haha! 

I’m charging my phone right now, before I call for the cab ~ excuse me but having power in my phone is a must. How else will I be able to blog, take photos, listen to music and chase pokemons? Yes I chase pokemons while going back and forth. And I’m not ashamed off it! Haha!

So Habibis, and Habibtis, I’m gonna wrap this post now but have no fear ~ Emma is right Here! LOL I’m so tired and crazy right now! Blog later! Muwah!


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