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Emotional & stressful day

Hey ghosts, goodmorning to you! I hope you all are good! I’m on my way down to Gävle again ~ new week *sigh* . I’m so tired, all night I’ve been crying. I’m trying not to cry now. I miss my dad and it is his birthday today so it’s a very emotional day for me today. I didn’t fell asleep until the clock was 5.40am ish and my alarm rang 7.30am and my mom called 8.30am but I was so tired and exhausted so I fell asleep for an other hour. 9.40am I woke up again and the cab were coming 10.25am so you all can imagine the stress and the rush. 
I haven’t eaten anything, nor had my first cup of tea yet. And ofc I forgot the teabags at home. Shit! Ah well, one day can’t be such a harm for my body, or? OK so I’m so hungry now so I will end this post, when I’m hungry I get car sick easier and that’s what iam right now. I will blog when we are having the small break at Tönnebro {a stop for tourists. I will take photos and show you} and I have got something to eat. 
I’m so sorry 😔 Muwah!


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