2016 | Beauty

Coconut oil body scrub?

Okey guys, this is scary! Coconut oil and sugar mixed together to get a body scrub. Well to be honest, I only have it in my face. I smell like a walking coconut! Haha! And I dislike coconut smell ~ but still I have coconut oil in my hair and on my face. Good work Emma

So this is kinda irritating {the smell} but I’m curious. I know it won’t work instantly like a miracle. But I will keep doing this twice a week and hopefully I will see a result some day. Lol. The only annoying thing is that the coconut oil “melts” and fall in your eyes so I have to remove it all the time. Haha! Typical me but hey, it’s the first time I ever done this. While writing this I’m rubbing my face again and the sugar is scratching my face. Aouwch! Ah well, we have a saying here in Sweden “If you wanna be pretty, you have to suffer the pain” and it’s sorta true. Have you ever heard of this saying?  

Well I will have this in and on for 30 minutes and I think I’ve had the hair mask in for 30 minutes now but I’ll wait til I’ve had the face scrub for 30 min and then I will remove it. I get the face scrub on my lips and it taste horrible. Lol! #ImWeirdIknow

Anyway I will blog more later. Muwah! 


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