2016 | Photos

While mama was busy

While mama was at the doctors yesterday, I was out for a while and just waked around to clear my mind and I remembered that I have four of 5KM eggs on hatch so I started my game and walked around. I saw a wild bunny but I was in so shock so I didn’t even think of taking photos. Anyway, I felt like a tourist  ~ well I was because I haven’t been in that area of Gävle.  While walking around and looked on buildings  {which I like} I found my dream car parked {Hummer H2 ~ it was Yellow} and do you see the colored photo? Lol I love it! I love the colors! That’s how it looked like and I fell in love!! But I continued to walk and all off the sudden a Pikachu showed up on the “Nearby” thingy and I was like… I’m gonna have him so I walked one direction and after just a few steps he popped up! I caught myself saying “You’re mine bitch!” So I started to laugh while throwing at him. One regular pokeball 🖒 Sweet. 
The first photo it says “Jungfrug. ” and I just had to take a photo off it because it means “Virgo” on swedish.. mermaid ish and I’m a Virgo and I believe in mermaids ~ hey! Be kind! 

So yeah, I just had to tell you this lol!



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