2016 | Language

Arabic ~ again!

Marhaban Habibis & Habibtis! Marhaban أشباح {Hello ghosts!} 
AS you can see on the headline, I’m gonna start learning Arabic again. I’m so excited! As you know, I lost time and focus to learn but now I’m really gonna start again. I’m still repeating everything I’ve learned so far ~ I remember most of it but thankfully I have my cheat list here on my blog. Woop!  And I just realized, now when I have more data/Internet on my phone, I will be able to learn ~ while waiting on my mother ~ more arabic!  How awesome isn’t that? I’m excited and happy! I’m really gonna go all in this time to learn! Learn as much as I can. Sure iam not focusing on the Alphabet, no I’m focusing on how to pronounce sentences and words  and how to write some words. I think {personally} I have more use to learn how to talk on arabic and understand when people talk arabic back. Writing comes later for me. Maybe it is wrong but hey, I’m Emma Santorini  and I have never been normal. Or so. Haha! 
So now on the way home, I will be in my lovely backseat, and listen to arabic ♡ 


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