2016 | Photos • Tattoos


​Hey ghosts! How are you? I woke up happy and excited! I decided to do a spontaneous thing ~ well I have had the time for two weeks but I haven’t mention it to many people. Anyway, the spontaneous thing I did was getting a new tattoo but this one just simple. Not on arabic or an other language. I did a tribute to my father. Finally. I have wanted to have a tattoo with he’s name since he passed away in March and today {2016.08.15} I finally got one.  One week exactly before my dad’s birthday. I’m happy and I love it! It’s big and beautiful! Of course I took photos during the session just so I could post here and show you guys ~ and ofc to have as a memory. 
Two collages below. It takes so much credits to upload each an one photo on the blog so I’m sorry for this.

The guy also did a retouch on my arabic tattoo ~ it really needed it. I’m happy and I love them


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