2016 | Photos

Hospital week three / Monday 

Mama’s coffee isn’t on the picture because she was getting it while I took the photo  {left }

Wow ghosts! Today has been so stressful. Well so far on the day. First I had to wake up early to take the bus to the town to be on time at the tattoo artist and get my tattoos ~ 45 minutes later they were done ~ SWEET! But then I had to stress my ass off to get my brother to come and pick me up so I could go home and jump into the cab and go with my mom to the cancer treatment hospital part thingy ~ I don’t know what it calls ~ and when we came home {brother and I} I saw the cab so I told my brother to stop and drop me off and I walked across the street to mama’s place to talk to the driver and get mama out to the car. Wow! So, I didn’t have time to eat anything nor charge my phone but thankfully the driver had the cigarette car USB thingy so I could charge it a little. I fell asleep in the cab…ofcourse 😒🖒 … but it’s alright.  When we came to the hospital I was so hungry. I had only eaten on subway for the first time in my life the day before, so while mama was at the restroom I payed everything. Her cookie, a sandwich each, coffee for her and a Coke zero for me. When mama went to the treatment I was charging my phone and I sat and was thinking off everything ~ how much I have start eaten since mama started the treatments so I said to myself “I will have an ice cream with polka sprinkles but after that God damn it it’s done!So yeah. I had the ice cream {this was hours between ~ not right after, ew!} sat in the cafeteria playing pokemon while continue charging my phone. Lol! And now we are finally on our way home! Hamdulillah! (Thank God on arabic ~ THO I’M NOT SURE IF IT IS THE RIGHT TIME TO USE IT but it came up in my head when I wrote that) 


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