2016 | × Linköping

Linköping ~ One

Hey ghosts! I’m so sorry for not being able to blog so much this weekend even though I said I would but to be honest, every night has been so exhausting for me! I was in Linköping  {Sweden} and met some amazing people! Words can’t describe them! I love them ~ they are like my family, my own little family!. 

First 4 photos is taken on my way down to Linköping after changed train. The last two is taken when me, Fredrik, Elisabeth and Joakim played a game ~ I don’t remember the name now but on the picture below you will see what the game was called 🙂

Here is some of weird cards we got that we thought was a little bit….charming. lol! I laughed so freaking much and so did the other ~ especially Elisabeth. Haha! She cried so the tears fell!

Yesterday {Saturday } we went to a museum, it was so much fun! The museum was about airplanes from World War 1 and World War 2 and some more I can’t remember! I took so many photos, like guys ~ you have no idea! Below I’m posting collages of photos I’ve taken ~ some at least. Lol. 
The photos are not in a right order unfortunately.  I’m so sorry about that.

More photos will be added later. Right now I’m sitting on the train way back home. 


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