2016 | Hurricane in my head

I wear my pink bow on my head and I know you will stare sweetheart

Goodmorning ghosts 👻❤

How are you all? I’m on my way to Gävle for moms treatment. I’m in the back seat and my back is killing me. I’m tired and hungry. I don’t understand why I don’t eat breakfast in the mornings! Ugh! I must be awake for like three hours or so before I can eat! 

Anyway, my blog use to be a lot more fun to read but to be honest, I don’t have so much fun now days. It’s all about the treatments, long car rides, crappy sleep and pokemon while I’m going to the hospital. But this weekend I’ll blog fun things hopefully! Why? Because I’m going to a town down in Sweden! I’m gonna meet and hang out with my babes! I can’t wait! I’m so excited but on the same time iam really nervous ~ I’m gonna go there by trains! I haven’t been on a train since I was like six years old or so! So iam really nervous that I won’t find the right place to catch the next train! Hopefully I will find right! But like I said, iam really nervous that I won’t find it or that I will miss it! Lord help me!  Haha! I’ve already packed my suitcase ten times! I know! Ten times already! I’m crazy! I’m leaving on Friday and I will stay til Sunday and I really think that my bag weights like 50KG and iam not done packing! Ohmygod! 

♡ I’m gonna go now but I’ll post more. I will be alone while mama gets the treatment so I will be able to blog a little bit. 
Muwah! 😘


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