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Everyday is the same

​Off to the hospital we go again. Everyday is the same. Mixed feelings and anxiety. One day at the time. I’m tired but I’m keeping my head up and stay strong for my mom. I’m worried about her. The back, this, all the trips and everything. How much will she be able to take? How much will she be able to handle? I hope she doesn’t give up. I really hope she stays strong and bring out the warrior that she is. So far, everything goes well.. but I can tell on mama that she’s tired. Massive treatments everyday, five days a week for seven weeks. Wow. My hero ♡ 
My English SUCKS but fuck that. 
So many things is going around in my head, how? Why? When? How long? Mom? Dad? Everything. I hope that I will be able to be by your beside mama during this whole process off treatment and show you that I will NEVER leave your side. I hope that I won’t collapse, that I won’t break down and that i’ll remain being strong. 
Right now I’m listening to mama’s favorite song on repeat. If she only knew. I don’t wanna show her that I’m scared, that I am worried and sad. I don’t wanna show her that I am exhausted! This song gives me power to keep myself focused on mom during all this. Together we will go through this. Hand in hand, side by side. I love you mom but I wanna strangle you most of the time but all this, made us stronger, made us closer.



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