2016 | Miss Santorini {Photos}

I’m back

Hey my ghosts! First off all I wanna apologize for the horrible updates lately here in my blog. Second, i just wanted yo post here and let you all know that Iam back! The reason is that I haven’t felt so good. I haven’t been so good. I have been through so much lately so I haven’t really had time to just sit down and relax and write a post here. But now I’m hopefully back on track again here in my blog and to be honest, I have really missed writing.

So what has happened in my life? Hmm

Well, mama got the horrible ‘news’ that she has throat cancer. My dad finally got the final piece he deserves {Today, August 2}. I got two tattoos on the same day. My niece turned 1 and my big sister got married. Oh and mama has started her treatment for cancer. ⬇

June 28 ~ I got two tattoos on my right hand. • One on arabic and one red star on my middle finger.
July 2 ~ My niece’s first birthday

July 30 ~ My big sister A got married

August 1 ~ Mama starts her cancer treatment.

August 2 ~ My dad finally got the final peace he deserves!

I have a few plans planned in my head for the moment and iam VERY excited about it! First, I will retattoo my arabic tattoo ~ so not happy with it. I show you guys later. Second, I’m going to meet two very dear people in my life on August 12 ~ 14. And I’m also gonna get a third tattoo. But I will not tell anyone yet. My nearest friends knows about it so far but I’m keeping it as a secret for now. 

I have red hair now! And to be honest, I have a love/hate relationship with the color. Lol. I love that it is red but I hate that it is winered! Bleh! More red to my ghosts! But ah well. I can’t do anything more now with the hair.
But anyway, I’m back and I hope you all are here with me and let’s make the ghost family grow 👻❤


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