2016 | Info list

Random info #4


Random list number four of random information about me. Do you think they are fun to read or should I stop with them? Let me know in the comments 🙂

31. (TRAVEL) I have never been outside Sweden
32. (FAMILY) I was ashamed when people met my dad and called him “Swedish Hulk Hogan” or when people saw my dad and uncle and called them the “Swedish ZZ-TOP”.
33. (ANIMALS) I have one cat and one bunny
34. (MUSIC) I love HELLOWEEN, AC/DC, Kiss, Iron Maiden, Hammerfall etc
35. (SOCIAL MEDIA) I have had snapchat for a while but its lately that  I’ve started to use it.. a lot.  
36. (HAIR) I use to have bright/neon red hair
37. (FAMILY) My sister gave me the nickname “Raccoon” when I was in my “scene” moment. I might post a photo later. Lol
38. (MUSIC) I can’t sleep without music
39. (WEIRD) I love the smell of limes and lemon
40. (LANGUAGE) Since I started learning Arabic, I talk Swedish and all off the sudden say Arabic words. Lol!



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