2016 | Miss Santorini {Photos}

The result!


Hello my Habibis and Habibtis! My ghosts! My family members!

How are you all?! Iam flipping happy! The reason why I haven’t been online and updated now is because I have been dead nervous and pretty upset about a personal thing. BUT iam happy now. Why? I got the results from the xray on my head! ALL POSITIVE! NO BRAINTUMOR! yaay! Happy happy happy girl! So now I need to make alot of tests etc to find out what’s going on in my head, no wait.. with my head. So wish me luck on that! Haha :’>

I almost, well I was near to start cry when she doctor told me. I have been so nervous, so scared, cried so many tears that I lost count. But now I’m home and can cry of happiness without worrying to look like a raccoon!

Blog more soon!


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