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My lovely ghosts! God  I have missed you guys so much! How are you all?

I have been gone from my blog because I have been at mama’s place. My sister came here and have been here for a few weeks and mama didn’t have Internet but now she do. Haha! Yay! So now I can update my blog as usual. Yay! Me so happy!

What’s new with me? Well, I have been both good and bad. But pretty much most bad because all the time, my head has been spinning around about my father and his death. All the work that isn’t done about dad and the papers. It’s really hard. But I’m trying to be positive!

Yesterday, I got a crazy idea. I started to write on arabic. Wooh so hard! But I take one word at the time!


Haha I was laughing so hard yesterday! I tried to write the word “love” on arabic. Oh shit! I don’t know how you guys can do it! How?! Haha!

My friend from Iraq told me that it was really good and that I noticed the details. Ofcourse! I wanna learn how to write properly! Haha!

But I’m back now ghosts! I will blog more now!



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