2016 | ••HAPPINESS•• · 2016 | Miss Santorini {Photos}



The smile you can not wash away from a happy girl. The smile hides many scars and secrets but slowly the girl with the smile is showing the real herself.


The smile you have on your face when you’ve found happiness and the bonus smile you get when you see -30kg on 3 months!. This is my year. It didn’t start well but I’m positive now! I’m dead scared of the results of the xray, so sad and crying rivers over my dad but iam dead happy because of how much my life has changed in just a few months. Both good and bad things!

1. I found happiness
2. I’ve lost so much weight BY MYSELF
3. I’ve learned arabic and still learning
4. I’m more organized in life
5. My diabetes is almost gone
6. I have made new friendship with mama’s neighbors from Syria and they help me with my arabic.
7. I got a new “job” sorta.. but it’s for free but I’m happy.
8. I’m happy because Decibelle is walking finally!
9. I’m happy that I’ve survived one of the hardest situation in my life. I’m happy that I managed to keep my head above the water line.
10. I’ve cut people off that wasn’t good for me.. still working on some people.
11. I’m happy that iam finally happy.
12. I’m happy that I have managed to change my life.
13. I’m happy that I’ve managed to save money in secret from my family.
14. I’m happy that I’ve managed to cut one extremely toxic person out of my life (my so called “sister”) ugh! Hasta la Vista motherfucker.
15. I’m happy that I’ve made the decision to go back to school
16. I’m happy that the list can go on.

Guys! I’m happy. I’m crying and smiling by happiness. I’m like a new person. I can not remember when I was this happy before. Sure I have been happy (REALLY HAPPY) but this feeling of happiness? Never. And I love it! I hope it never goes away. I will hold onto it super hard. My happiness, no depression – except sad days – feeling better, non stop smiling. Ohmygod.

I will not and never give up. It feels so amazing to feel like this. Guys.. I know I might exaggerate (?) but really iam not. I don’t know if I should cry or laugh. Is Emma finally coming back but in better way? I think yes! Oh God.

I’m gonna celebrate with with a long walk with Baby boo ♡


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