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My passion ♡


One of my passions except blog and photography, is learning arabic. I don’t know why but I love it. I can’t get enough from learning. Right now iam up to over 55 words and sentences but I’m not gonna stop. One day I will be able to speak Arabic fluently. Wallah, one day! Yes I mix Arabic words into my Swedish and English. Get used to it. I’m so happy to have them in my hands! The library dude also did so I could borrow the first arabic books for a longer time :’> thank you.. no wait! Shokran Gidan!


Funny part is that while I’m learning Arabic, I’m also teaching two other people! So much fun. Sometimes I use to piss my family off by saying something on arabic but some days they (C and A) is listening and trying to pronounce the words and asks what it means. So I don’t know what’s going on in their heads but I know that they are still racist but what ever!

Learning Arabic is something that keep my head focused – weird I know but really. Sure I have sad days and I cry but listening and trying to talk on arabic is like a therapy for me to deal with the loss of my father. Sure I miss him so much but it helps me to keep my head above the waterline.

And it’s a passion of mine as you already read above. And I’m so happy that I’m learning. It’s so much fun! And I get a pretty good laugh when I’m listening on arabic and it’s my turn to say it. “YEEAH HELLO!” are some of things I have said and burst into laugh. Guys, it’s so hard but so easy! Well for me it is but it’s a challenge and I like challenges.


I still get to hear racist shit and I get yelled alot that I’m learning but I don’t care. My mom wasn’t really happy about these books when she saw them by accident. But you know what, I’m 25, I’m an adult and I don’t care of what they are saying about me learning Arabic. Because at least iam doing something unless them. Haha! Yes I’m trashing my family but they are trashing me and Muslims&arabs so its even.

As long as iam happy and have something that makes me happy and focus on not fall into depressions again – I have been in such a deep depressions and I never wanna go back there – I’m gonna continue. And I have found out that learning languages makes me happy. But I can only focus on one language right now.

But, like I said, I’m only 25 and I have more years to be able to learn languages and travel and use it.



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