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Smile to the world ♡


When the world is smiling to you, remember to smile back and stay happy
– © Emma Santorini

Quote written by me (Emma Santorini) Please ask if you wanna borrow any of my quotes. Write a comment and i will answer you as soon as possible. I am not impossible. So Please ask before using.

Hey ghosts! Okey so I’m dropping a quick post now. I’m cleaning like crazy in my apartment! Oh wow! It’s exhausting but also an very effective way to get your anger out. I’m having a minute break until I’m gonna climb the cabins (?) And clean! Oh wish me luck! Haha!

The song that goes on repeat right now is Daddy Yankee with Gasolina ❤ lol I’m dancing while cleaning so I’m happy! Haha!

Nah go back to cleaning. Hopefully I will be done by tonight. Blog on my next break. Haha! Puss! ♡



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