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Dreams part two


I wanted to make a part two of what my dreams are. It’s very weird to just take a moment and really think hard what I want and wish for. But here we go

Having my father here again
I know that this is a weird dream and wish but I really wish he was here on earth with us.  It’s two months ago since my dad left us and it feels so weird. I’m still waiting for the phonecall “Are you home?” Or the just random knocks on the door and opens up. We called dad for the man in the box  (gubben i lådan). You know the man in the box where you turn the thingy on the side and it plays a melody and all off the sudden the man pops up. That’s what I meant. Because sometimes dad just showed up without any calls etc.

Move to a big house
You know the typical American houses with big porch and big windows? That’s my dream home.

➡ Live in my dream house in an other country
I wanna move to an other country. Like Spain or something. And living in my dream house there with a big ass kitchen and a kitchen island. Oh, I will continue to dream for it.

Travel the world with ELIN
Yeah I have written this before – that i wanna travel to some countries – but this time i wanna write that I wanna travel the world and share the memories and experience with my bestfriend. WALLAH!

Own my dream car
I love Hummer H2 and I really wanna own one even tho they cost so much to drive. A red or a black Hummer H2. My absolute dream car

Be able to tell my family the truth
I wanna be able to tell my family the truth about my headache and suspicion of brain tumor and that I’m learning Arabic. The reasons why I can’t tell my family these two things is because I dont worry my family and freak them out. Especially my mom who died 4 times last summer but luckily is here with us now. I will write a post later about that. She has heart problems so I don’t wanna tell her. And the reason why I don’t wanna tell my family that I’m learning Arabic is because they are so freaking racist. You should hear what my family is saying 😭 it’s horrible. So that’s why I don’t wanna tell them.

Go on a Alice Cooper concert
Who wouldn’t wanna do that? Oh I’m listening to his song “Poison” right now and I really want to go on a concert in the future but I think I won’t be able to 😢

So this was the part two of my dreams. I will post an other list of my dreams later 😀 stay tuned! Haha!


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