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A secret 🙊


Oh no! My secret is out! Haha no my ghosts, iam not a mermaid but I wish I was.

As you know I’m a believer on mermaids – I’m weird, OK I know. But we all have something to believe in. Some people believe in God, some people believe in Santa Claus, some people believe in mermaids etc you get my point. Iam 26 years old soon and I believe in mermaids as much as you might believe in God. I don’t know if you do but anyway, I’m not here to judge you for your beliefs. If you wanna believe and pray to God/Allah etc, do it! If you wanna believe in moving mountains, do it! Never let people say something else.

I often hear that iam stupid, mermaids aren’t real etc. Well for me they are. I don’t believe in God (but I accept and respect people who does) and for me, believing in mermaids is a safety for me just as much God is for you. 

Mermaids for me is a symbol of peace, harmony and freedom which I need in my life. And believing in mermaids makes me feel much safer. I’m not ashamed of telling people that I believe in them, because THAT’S MY belief. When I think of mermaids and how they move around in the water, I actually feel calm. I don’t know why.

It may sound weird all this but I hope that you guys understood this post and comment please what you believe in. I will not judge you and if someone writes anything bad, I will hit them with a broom. Haha! Nah but I won’t tolerate negative comments in the post!



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