2016 | Trophy

Blogger Recognition Award


i would like to start off by saying, thank you the chic community  for nominating me! i am very happy that you found my blog and that you commented it ❤ I really appreciate the support you give me and now this! Thank you so  much hun! I also wanna say that I adore your blog, it’s fabulous and I think that everyone should visit the blog ❤❤


1- write a post to show your award.
2- mention the blogger who nominate you.
3- brief story on how you started your blog
4- two pieces of advice.
5- nominate 15 bloggers.

brief story:

I created this blog to have a place where I could write down all my plans and plannings for my trip to Algeria because I didn’t wanna have any of my family members to read. And having a notebook at home was no point. But I also started to post about what my family said etc and then kept it as a journal just to have a place where I can go back and read about what’s on my mind. And it’s also a good therapy for me after the loss of my father. But now I have post daily stuff, happy things but ofcourse I will post about negative things too but I will try to keep my blog positive ❤

two pieces of advice:

1- time. Don’t rush things. Take your time to write a post, even if it is a short one. It’s your blog and you are the one who decide what your blog is about and how much you post. The followers, likes and comments will come. Just be patient  (?) 🙂 ALSO try to have a lot of pictures and videos in your blog 🙂

2- be positive! Don’t think “ah no one is gonna read my blog” or “I won’t gain any followers” Etc.  Stop be negative. Be positive! Be happy! Post happy things and things that makes you happy. If you like makeup – well post about beauty. If you stay negative etc, your posts will be negative and for me that’s a big no no. Even tho I mix my blog with that. But try stay positive as much as you can darling! 💋💋

bloggers i nominated:

My best friend off course!

And I also nominate EVERYONE of you! So you have to do this 😉 I’m horrible I know!


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